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Nail Surgery

Nail Surgery is usually required for a recurring ingrown toenail where conservative treatment has been unsuccessful.

Ingrown toenails are extremely common and can occur as a result of poor toenail cutting, picking at toenails, ill-fitting footwear and poor nail shape.

Nail surgery is available at Mill Street Clinic without a GP referral. Prior to any procedure taking place you will undergo a preoperative assessment during which your medical history and current medications will be discussed.

**PLEASE NOTE: We are currently not taking on any new clients for chiropody & podiatry services as we are unfortunately at full capacity. Apologies for any inconvenience.**

What does the surgery involve?

The most common procedure is a partial nail avulsion where the sides of the nail are removed. This results in a narrow nail that is less likely to dig into the surrounding skin. After the edges of the nail have been cut a chemical is applied to the open nail bed to prevent the piece of nail growing back again. In some cases a total nail avulsion is necessary where the whole of the toenail is removed. Your treatment options will be discussed with you during your preoperative assessment.

Does the procedure hurt?

Nail surgery is carried out under local anaesthetic to numb the toe. The majority of our patients report no, or only very slight, discomfort during and post surgery.

Do I need time off work?

You can go back to work the day after surgery but need to keep your toe protected.

How long is the appointment?

Nail surgery takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. An appointment for re-dressing is necessary 2-3 days after the surgery has taken place.

How long does it take to heal?

The nail should heal up over a period of 4-8 weeks so long as you follow all aftercare advice you are given.

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